5 Mind Tricks That Make You More Productive

Those struggling to improve productivity despite a lot of effort can make use of the following mind tricks. They are sure to help you achieve perform well.

Best Ways To Be More Productive

Jot Down Your Thoughts on The Paper

Some people get nervous when giving a presentation or delivering a speech in public. You might be afraid of saying the wrong words and hurting the sentiments of your audience. To avoid this scenario, you can write ideas on a piece of paper. You can make modifications to the written content and fine tune it to improve the presentation and win the accolade. You can buy a special notebook and keep the notes ready for your presentation. You can read the previously prepared note to impress the audience. It is one of the best tricks to improve productivity.

Keep Distractions Away

Those getting distracted from frequent phone calls and messages can mute the phone. It is also advised to disable the message notification tone. You can revisit the messages and calls in your free time. It helps to focus on your work and actually complete it. Smartphones can also work in your favor if used wisely. However, it keeps on distracting you with unwanted text messages, emails, WhatsApp Messages. You can keep the internet connection in Off mode when you are busy. You can read them later. It reduces distractions and helps to focus on your work and boost productivity. It is also advised to avoid social media activity during the conferences. While completing office work at home, take a quick shower and consume light food to improve your focus. It is one of the best techniques to improve productivity.


If you are feeling disturbed, you can regain peace and tranquility by practicing meditation for at least half an hour. Sit on the floor keeping the legs crossed and close the eyes while sitting in a quiet room. You need to practice the meditation for 30 minutes to bring back concentration and boost productivity. If you find the time, you can also engage in physical exercises like mild walking, pushups, side stretching, short running, and frog jumps. It improves the physique and helps to think more productively.

A fun Task

If you feel tired after the hectic daylong schedule engage in some fun tasks. You can sit with kids, play with them or watch a feel-good movie. It lightens your mood and helps to think sharper while improving productivity. You can also go to the spa. You could relax with a massage by an expert at a spa. They apply different essential oils on your body and massage it gently. It also helps to treat backache, headache after a long hard work, and conferences. You can also listen to your favorite music. It takes you to a joyous mood and provides complete relaxation to the mind. So, you can think more productive and perform tasks efficiently. This, in turn, boosts creativity. Other fun activities include cooking your favorite dish and enjoying a good time with family and friends. Doodling and drawing also help.

Consume a Healthy Diet

An empty stomach prevents you from focussing. Therefore, you need to consume energetic and light foods that help in re-energizing. It satiates your hunger and helps you to think more productively. You can include poultry, red meat, fish, dairy, beans, olive oil, beans, whole grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. However, you should reduce the intake of processed foods. You need to maintain a healthy weight by practising exercises daily. To feel less lethargic you should also quit smoking to keep healthy blood pressure and cholesterol. Training your brain is vital to improving cognitive ability and memory. Therefore, it is suggested to do brain training exercises for at least four months.  You can also learn a new language or a try learning a musical instrument which is known to improve your focus exponentially. Solving puzzles is also fun yet effective activity for enhancing productivity.

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