A lesson In Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Yoga offers your brain peace. It requires you to use your senses and your body in a completely different way. And Yes, it will benefit your fitness level. It will build strength and endurance and it will compliment your regular running or cycling routine. I am certain that a high quality yoga program done once or twice per week can seriously improve your overall health and well being. The benefits of yoga are well documented- such as reduced stress, strength, coordination, flexibility, enhanced cardiovascular systems, and mental health. If you can get to a yoga class, great! Those of us who are addicted to blogging/are a stay at home mom or are lacking the time to get to a yoga studio, then I suggest a finding a yoga DVD or an online yoga class as an alternative. 

I’ve been working with the Vinyasa Flow Yoga Sessions DVD Set for about a month now, and I have to say that it is one of the best yoga DVD’s I’ve ever seen. For one hour and ten minutes, Sean Corn is in your living room giving you step by step instructions for Vinyasa Yoga. The instructional DVD moves fairly slowly because she is teaching you the placement of each body part per pose. I’ve really enjoyed this DVD because I have to think about where each part of my body should be in a particular pose. She itemizes each cue and you practice it several times through. I believe that the premise for Vinyasa Flow is to learn the Sun Salutations and to use a particular breathe technique so that an individual can practice at their own speed. You actually get 2 DVD’s: one instructional and one demonstrated without instruction, plus the interview. She offers a very candid overview of her yoga beliefs, spirituality and life. For $20, this DVD is a bargain. It is as good if not better than a yoga class- without leaving the comfort of your home and can be done on your own time; i.e.. NAP TIME. I’ve made it a goal to do it at least twice per week (as I really do love it!)

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