A look at Naturally More Peanut Butter

In the last few months, I have reviewed PB2 and ZAP peanut butter and today, I have one more to add to the list. This one is called Naturally More and has been featured in Men’s and Women’s Health Magazines.
What makes this peanut butter different?
It has been fortified with egg whites, flax seeds, flax oil and wheat germ. Because of the flax seed and flax oil, the product has a higher percentage of Omega-3 and Omega-6 than other peanut butter brands. Below you can see the calories, fat and protein contents. In comparison to a regular peanut butter, the protein content is higher, the fat content is lower and the fiber content is higher.

What’s my opinion?
If calories is your biggest concern, than PB2 is my pick, but if you would like to add more Omega-3 and Omega-6 to your diet, this is an easy way to get it. At the moment, I am alternating PB2 with Naturally More PB throughout my day. I particularly enjoy PB2 in smoothies and oatmeal but prefer Naturally More on rice cakes with banana.
It’s a richer, creamier PB than regular peanut butter. Naturally More can be purchased online through the website for $15.95 for six containers plus $6.95 for shipping. In California, it’s also sold at Walmart, Whole Foods and Albertson’s.
What’s your choice for peanut butter?

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