A running story My Frodo Feet

Last Friday night, we played softball.   The other team scored 9 runs in the first inning.  We could NOT recover from this blow as a team and basically nursed our wounds for the rest of the game.  The older guys/girls on our team just grumbled the whole time….Me, well, you know I have no skills in this area.  I was just happy to hit the ball and get to first base!  Anyway, I had a nagging pain on one of my toes but I could not determine the cause.  It looked like a needle prick (teeny weeny blister).
If your new to this blog, I am training for the St. George Marathon on October 4th.  This will be my fourth marathon and I have a goal time of 3:30.  My team, See Mommy Run and I run 3-4 times per week and each run/workout has a specific goal.  Long run goals have been increasing by 10% each week.  Next week we will run 18 miles.  I love the plan.  Never again will I train for a marathon, 5km, 10km, or any cycling events  without a plan.  It is so smart, yet effective.  Better than that is the fact that I can achieve/complete each workout as specified.  That makes me feel really confidant about my goals!  As for the knee pain that I was previously feeling…talked to coach about it and he said that MOST knee pain is caused by a tightness in the HIPS.  Solution: MORE YOGA.  NO KNEE PAIN!! YAHOOOOOOO…
So, you want to know what happened on my 16 mile run?  I wish I could tell you that we saw a 200 pound Mountain Lion on the trail just watching us, but, I can’t.  Or that we saw bats flying above our heads at 515 in the morning pooping on us?  Or one of us had a intestinal problem that lead to a nightmarish 3 hour run because we had to stop every fifteen minutes so that they could do their business in a bush!?  I wish I could tell you we had a beautiful downhill forested trail to run 16 miles on, but I can’t!  I live in Southern California and there is NO forested trails anywhere!  Nope, nothing that exciting!
We had a great run!  I felt some tingling and pain in my toe but it wasn’t terrible and I never even looked down or worried about it.  Yes, the last mile was grueling and I slowed WAY down, but I finished.  Got to the parking lot and THEN looked at my shoe.  Holy crap!! What happened?? Took my shoe off to find my brand new pair of “blister proof” socks covered in blood.  My little blister obviously popped and turned my shoes red!  Hubby’s nickname for my feet has always been “hobbit feet” not attractive and now the words are “bloody hobbit feet”.  Wonderful!
So, the marathon training is really going well.

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