A Sexy Running Skirt To Try

Have you tried a running skirt yet? This one is called the GymGirl Pink Camo skirt with “shorties” underneath. I have certain specific requirements for my running clothes such as no chaffing, comfort, style, street clothes option, length, and waistband – how tight is it. I was a little skeptical on the waistband at first because I thought it was too big so I took it out for a good long sweaty run to test! Surprise! This skirt performed better than expected. I love the shorts underneath because they BREATHE. It eliminates the need to buy “no sweat” undies and provides a compression short so there is no chaffing. The style is great. I could have very easily gone to the store or coffee shop and look good at the same time.

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The length of the skirt is perfect – not too short or too long. Finally, my favorite part of the skirt is the waistband- it is not tight at all. When I started running, I thought it was too big because it barely sits on my waist, but when I got going, it was perfect, I can’t even feel it! Waistbands in workout clothes or cycling shorts need to be on the loose side so you can fully access your air. If you are out climbing a hill (running or cycling) you want to be able to get in as much air as possible. It’s a great new option for women runners to look good while running and I am so excited to share it with you! On a side note, really good shaved legs are a must for this skirt!! If you’ve got stubble, it will hook on to the mesh shorties

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