A thank you letter to Rock Racing

Lamborghini’s and bike racing?  Do those two things go together????  The owner of Rock Racing Professional Cycling team is putting NEW light on a much needed sport: Professional Cycling.  
The team director shows up to the Redlands Classic driving a Lamborghini, the racers’ jersey’s change for each race, the riders are some of the BEST in the business, and it’s all about STYLE, COMPETITION, and SPORT.

Saturday of the Redlands Classic involves kids from the whole town racing their bikes from 50 yards to 5 miles.  The three year olds go first, then 4, 5, and so forth until you get to the adults in the public races.  Everybody gets their chance to shine and try out the various courses of the Redlands Classic.  Offering these opportunities to kids and adults helps elevate the excitement and camaraderie for the REAL action to follow later in the day…This is when YOU need to be ready to watch the excitement…And to make it even more exciting, is the fact that the riders, Escalades, support vehicles are parked right on the course and we “locals” were able to walk right up and shake hands, get autographs, see the decked out riders and dogs.  
2008 has a very exciting new team that is turning LOTS of heads in the cycling community as well as the public.  Before Rock Racing, I had never heard of Rock and Republic Jeans.   It took me a little over five minutes to realize why I’d never heard of them…$300 for one pair of jeans!  I can think of a lot of sarcastic comments, but, I’ll let you post the comments on that one.  Anyway, lucky for me (cycling fan), Mr. Ball has decided to invest his earnings into a sport that seriously needed a LIFT in more ways than one.  In the last few years, cycling has not been doing well (Tour de France fiascos)…The witch hunt regarding Floyd Landis and blood doping, whom I believe is INNOCENT (won the Tour de France but was stripped of the title based on one blood sample) two years ago, has NOT done anything (PR wise) for the Tour de France.   As well as VERY little excitement in the local areas for cycling.  The same riders win every weekend, the same “racing music” is played, the ten people watching are spouses and children of the riders, ZERO media coverage…
However, now with this new team going after all the United States competitions I’m expecting it to help cycling become more of a mainstream, popular SPORT.  God knows, we need new blood in cycling.  
Rock Racing is bringing excitement, glamour and extreme competition back to cycling and he is doing it with STYLE. Michael Ball has a vision and I am impressed with what he’s doing for cycling.  
Rock Racing will be touring the United States this year for all the big cycling events, so check their schedule here.  
“Ball and General Manager Haldane Morris have assembled unprecedented cycling talent for the 2008 Rock Racing roster including two former world champions, two Olympic gold medalists, four Tour de France stage winners and eight current and former national champions, all of whom have the heart and desire to win like no other US cycling team on the tour. Fearless and strong, this team shares the aggressive approach that has become Michael Ball’s signature.”
Photos from the Gallery on the website. 

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