Affordable Yoga Apparel by The Girls

Knees.  We must be able to see our knees in teacher training!  At the beginning of the training, I had one pair of appropriate pants- then, I wore my running shorts!  Now, with the introduction of Apparel by the Girls, I can say I have 3 pairs of thigh hugging apparel. You all are going to love these yoga pants.  They are a blend of cotton spandex that have kept their shape through several washings. 

There has been no fading, sagging or other unsightly things happen to apparel upon washing. The best part is the price!  Totally affordable at $24.99.  Love.  I promptly tried these out in a hot yoga class and loved the lightness and freedom they gave me.  Was able to flip up into a handstand, stretch out in a forward fold or lay back in Savasana completely comfortable and not fidgeting.   Running, errands, or yoga, these pants worked great.

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