Age is Irrelevant

This is a subject I think about often.  I am now 40 and I am competing daily in CrossFit…And as you know, I just finished competing for CrossFit CDR’s Regional team and our team finished 10th out 54th teams in Southern California.  And, I am damn proud to be 40 and out there competing against girls half my age.  However, one thing for me, is that it sometimes TAKES a long time to get PR’s in events.  I don’t know why this is, but, I’ve been on a long plateau for six months, still training daily, but not hitting my numbers, so yesterday, I’m happy to report I finally got a legitimate PR.

Image Credit: CrossFit CDR

Yeah, for me!! That’s a 3 second PR and that’s a LOT for a sprint like that. And, guess what? The girl in front of me is 17, the girl behind me is 28 and numbers 4 and 5 are in their 30’s!!
Now, lets’ look at some of the women competing in the CrossFit Games:

Image Credit: The CrossFit Games Albums via Facebook
Becky Conzelman, age 39, mother of 2, competed for the USA National Women’s Cycling Team and then turned to CrossFit.

Angie Pye, age 35, mother of 2, lives and trains in Victoria, British Columbia.

Cheryl Brost, age 40, mother of 2, took 3rd in the North West Regional Competition.

Image Credit: The CrossFit Games Albums via Facebook

You can follow the CrossFit Games and read more about the women competing in the games, here, and I haven’t even looked at the women in the Master’s category!!

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