As Many Answers As There Are Votes

Thank you for all your wonderful responses on the vote.   Even though I’ve got only 33 votes at the moment, it helps me tremendously to see your opinions.

The truth is that I love writing about all those things and more.  What I do in real life and what I learn from it- that is what I write about- mistakes I’ve made (grande mocha’s daily?!!), successes I’ve had or not, that is what is interesting to me and hopefully is to you too.

And, cycling is seriously one of the MOST fun things you can do for exercise and I’d love to encourage more of you to get out there and ride, so I’m going to continue to share about it.  And, I have a few races planned for myself and I will share about those too.  They are usually pretty funny cause I make tons of mistakes – such as this- but the chance of winning money is a really GOOD carrot for me to get out there and race.

On the flip side, I’d like to share some information that I’ve learned from reading my Google Analytics page daily:

Google sends me MULTIPLE hits per day because of this post. Of the top ten keyword searches, seven are Acai Berry.  Which leads me to ask: would you or should I write content for the search engine traffic?

A few facts about Acai Berry is that it has a very high-antioxidant value in it’s pureed form- that is when it is not diluted by other juices, berries, etc.   Sambazon has some great products that you can buy in the regular grocery store.  The pureed packets are frozen and go great in smoothies.  Lots of top athletes are raving about Sambazon such as Belen Kimble, Bethany Hamilton, Brenden Fraser (author of the Thrive Diet) and an actor, Math McConaughy, just to name a few.  I honestly think it’s a great product and I do buy it but it’s not an everyday thing for me.

So to be honest, I really don’t feel a need to return to this subject strictly for my search engine traffic.  Do you all have an opinion on this?  I know as a blogger that traffic is the MAIN thing to get advertisers but it’s not really what this blog is about, right?  If I were to change my focus and write for my search engine traffic, I’d have a different blog.

On to bigger and better things

1.  I’ve entered myself into the Sexy Six Pact Challenge on Amanda’s blog.

2.  Canceled my gym membership.  This is huge. Can’t believe I did this but my garage is totally covering my needs at the moment along with the dirt running trails or cycling with friends, I haven’t used the gym at all since September. (I may regret this….)

3. LOVE LOVE LOVE trail running.  Oh, and I won an entry into an Envirosports race!  There is a dirt marathon or half marathon in my future.

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