Baby Shower Planning And Etiquette

Baby shower etiquette begins with the Hostess – or who’s throwing the baby shower. Some traditions believe that the Hostess shouldn’t be a relative of the mother-to-be. While this is a consideration, baby shower etiquette isn’t as “stuffy” these days for everyone. Use your own discretion to determine what will work best in your situation. Most importantly, remember to have fun enjoy making the mother-to-be feel special!

Enjoy throwing a baby shower! A great idea is to share the work and planning with friends who can collaborate in the ideas for decorations and the cost. You’ll enjoy the time together and the baby shower will be a great success when planned through a team effort.

Location of where to throw a baby shower? 

It’s safe to say the the baby shower etiquette for location can be directed by the weather and budget. A beautiful day may encourage an outdoor party. A restaurant may accommodate those travelling after work – if the baby shower is host on a week day evening. A comfortable chair is a must for a those who are ready to deliver their baby soon. Pamper the mom-to-be with a comfy spot to relax and enjoy the company of good friends

Is this the first baby? 

Traditional baby shower etiquette suggests that it is only appropriate to throw a baby shower for the first baby. It’s fair to guess that modern day has taken over this baby etiquette but you can always check with a few of your guest before sending out the invitations. Either way, don’t let this deter you from celebrating the new arrival in other ways.

When to throw a baby shower?

 Try to find out through what the Mother-to-be would like. Some prefer a baby shower after the baby has arrived to “welcome” the baby boy/girl to the world. While others are relieved to have their shower before the baby arrives. Throwing a surprise baby shower is trickier if you’re not sure of this preference. Try to learn of any preference through family members of the Mother-to-be or through casual conversation. This will surely let you know of any preference. Is there any baby shower etiquette with dates? Closer to the due date is best to avoid any complications which may arise in the early months of a pregnancy. Some communities may be slightly superstitious about hosting a baby shower before baby arrives – so check this opinion with the family to ensure for the best baby shower etiquette.

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