Beautiful Clothes for Women Lole

Running in the early mornings is one of my favorite things to do. Get out when it’s dark, kids are sleeping and run with my running buddies is rewarding and beneficial.
It’s been cold here in sunny California lately and I’ve written in the past about a need for performance based running hats and gloves, and I have found a company that can take care of both of those needs!
Introducing Lole, positively beautiful, stylish clothes for the active, everyday women. Their site is amazingly calm, the images are large, and I love their philosophy of living life to the fullest every single day.
The hoodie on the left is the one that I have and I LOVE it! The length of the sleeves are slightly longer and offer a hook for your thumbs which keeps you warmer at the beginning of the run- I unloop them 15 minutes later. The hoodie works perfectly to keep my head warm and as you warm up, you slip it off. Fantastic ways to manage heat while exercising. It’s also a wonderful color of watermelon and chocolate and would look great with jeans too.
Lole does not sell their clothing on their own website, however, if your interested in checking their products, I would shop here first. Then venture off into the vast internet world to find the item you want. REI, Title Nine, Activa Sports all carry parts of the Lole line.

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