Best Onzie Workout Wear

Have you guys heard of Onzie?

(my sister and I rockin our Onzie leggings and capris)
They are not your average workout apparel brand.  I get so sick of plain workout clothes.  They all seem to come is the same drab colors.  Black, gray, all solid colors.  Hardly ever do you find a brand that is bright and fun.
They have so many different patterns available too.  I got Tahitian flowers print for my leggings and my sister got Sugar Skull print on her capris.

(Brittani in her Onzie gear in action)
This brand is awesome.  The bottoms fit so nice and felt like a second skin.  They even stayed in place during our whole work out.  No tugging on our pants to pull them up, even though the fabric is silky smooth (seriously I could not believe how nice they felt on my skin).
Brittani also got this top.

A post work out picture.

I also got this top.  It stayed in place no matter what.  I didn’t even have to tuck my shirt in when doing handstand push up or practicing double unders!
One of my favorite things about this brand is all of their clothes are made fully here in the United States.  Specifically Los Angeles.
And being a California girl myself, anytime I can support local homegrown businesses I jump at the opportunity.
These brand is awesome.  The quality of  the clothes are suburb.  You will not be disappointed.
Love it!

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