Best Tips for Bottle Feeding Problems

There are so many things to consider and so much care to be taken when dealing with a newborn, especially bottle feeding a newborn. The amount of knowledge needed in order to take of a newborn baby is overwhelming. It is no wonder that new parents feel stressed and are worried that they are doing everything correctly with their baby. Everything having to do with a baby is important but one of the most important aspects of taking care of an infant is newborn feeding.

Best Tips for Bottle Feeding Problems

Here you will find 7 tips for what not to do when bottle feeding a newborn: Lay the baby flat, hold the bottle horizontal, allow hole of the nipple to be large, prop the baby bottle, move baby excessively, force baby to eat and feed baby during sleep time.

Do Not Lay the Baby Flat

The baby should always be held upright, one of the most comfortable places is in the crook of the arm. It helps to make the baby feel comfortable and you can easily view your baby if there are any signs of choking.

Do Not Hold the Bottle Horizontal

Make sure to angle the bottle so that the nipple is completely filled with milk and air is not able to get in the nipple. Excessive air can cause a very uncomfortable tummy ache for your baby.

Do Not Allow to the Hole of the Nipple to Be Large

When checking the hole of the nipple, it is important to make sure that milk is allowed to come out in consistent drops but it should not be a stream of milk. If the milk comes out too quickly it can cause the baby to choke.

Do Not Prop the Baby Bottle

It is really important to hold your baby’s bottle and not prop it, propping the bottle can cause choking, ear infections and/or tooth decay. It is also very important that your baby has the close contact that holding a baby in your arms while feeding affords.

Do Not Move Baby Excessively

When your baby is feeding, it really makes for a nice continuous feeding session if the baby is not moved around a lot, burped frequently or arranged in a different position unnecessarily. Again, the key to remember is that your baby may need to be moved around at times while feeding but try to keep it minimal.

Do Force Your Baby to Eat

A baby should not be forced to finish a bottle, the baby will normally tell you when he or she is full. Babies have different ways of displaying fullness, they will possibly put their lips together, turn away or refuse to suck. You will be able to read your baby signs that he or she is full and when the signs are visible, feeding should stop.

Do Not Feed the Baby During Sleep Time

Feed your baby while he or she is awake, giving a baby a bottle during sleep time by propping it up in the crib can lead to choking, ear infections and/or tooth decay.

Bottle feeding a newborn

Is really not that difficult, much of the learning comes from figuring out your baby’s body language and learning what your baby’s preferences are. Following the tips on what not to do when bottle feeding your newborn will help to give you a basis for newborn feeding while trying to figure out all the facets of parenthood.

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