Best Tips For Caveman Diet

As most of you know, we’ve been following the diet suggested by Rob Wolff, author of the Paleo Solution.  Now, unfortunately neither one of us took any measurements of ourselves before we started this, however, we’ve got lots of results to share.
The diet consists of no alcohol, no diary, no grains of any kind, and no sugars.  Basically eat as much fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and lean proteins as possible.  My husband had lots of foods to give up as he enjoys diet dr. pepper, mocha frappacino’s, wine, beer, chips, and pasta…therefor, he had more visible results than I did.  Although, he did not lose a single pound, he actually can see his abs for the first time (that he can remember!!).  In addition to those results, he’s also seen a big improvement in his cycling such as his endurance and stamina.  Overall, he had a love/hate relationship with the diet== loving the results but missing the good foods!

Me, I just simply lost three pounds! I gave up cream, cheeses and sugar and just lost weight. Oh, and, my strength in my lifts has improved as well.

So, now what?! Well, we were serious slackers over the holidays, but, we will continue to maintain our mostly paleo diet most of the time! If you haven’t read the Paleo Solution yet, I highly recommend! He gives detailed outlines of WHY grains are bad, what causes diseases and a simple meal plans and recipes to get you started.

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