The World’s Healthiest Foods, Essential Guide for the Healthiest Way of Eating
Ever since I found the website, WHFOODS, I have been intrigued by the abundance of knowledge the is free and available to all of you.  Why is the American public so overweight?  What is the reasoning behind eating fast food all the time?  How many of you know someone who is selling the Acai blend anti-oxidant drink?  We are very likely not eating enough fruits and vegetables and companies selling a complete liquid nutritional are making BANK!  I’m no expert, and I certainly have my vices, but on the whole, my family eats healthy foods all the time.  I’m hoping that you, my readers and I, can work out what is the healthiest, smartest way to eat- that satisfies the cravings but still get the most bang for our healthy food buck.  
I’ve had the opportunity to read this book by George Mateljan and I highly recommend it!  It’s a bit pricey, however, it’s an encyclopedia on food.  It’s well researched and the recipes are great.  
5 Reasons why I think you should read this book!
1.  Meal plans!  Don’t know about you, but meal plans SAVE my life.  I love going to the store with a list of ingredients, menus, and snacks already planned.  This is a huge time saver.  
2.  Fantastic “Go-To” recipes that are easy to prepare but rich in flavor.  Check out the “10- Minute Lime Coconut Cooler”.  1 cup of canned coconut milk, 1/4 Lime Juice, 1/3 mint leaves, 4 TBS honey, and 2 cups of crushed ice.  Blend all ingredients (minus the ice) until well blended, then add ice until you get the desired consistency (Pg. 431).
3.  Foods are prioritized by their nutrient density.  You may (or may) not be surprised that spinach, strawberries, tuna, sunflower seeds, calf’s liver, lentils, eggs, oats and parsley are the most nutrient dense food in their respective categories. 
4. Scientifically curious?  In-depth scientific evidence offered on each nutrient.   Coenzyme Q10 is an ingredient that I’ve always been interested in because it can only be obtained from fish or calf’s liver or germ portion of whole grains.   It has been shown to help us LOOK YOUNGER and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s also important in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, improve energy levels, stabilize blood sugars, and restore the power of Vitamin E.
5.  Up your fish intake!  How many of you are eating at least two servings of fish each week?  Mateljan offers a buying guide for fresh fish each week.  Striped bass, Rainbow Trout, Crabs, Lobster, are some of the “best choice” options for fish and he specifies different fish for either several meals per week, to one meal per month- such as Pacific Halibut.  In addition, he specifies that for optimal health, we need 2.5-4 grams of Omega 3 fatty acids per day.  That’s a lot of fish, readers!!  (Do you have canned Salmon, Tuna and Sardines in your cupboard?)  Who eats Sardines???
Readers, I need your opinion here.  Do you have a favorite cook book, healthy eating food guide that you’d like to share?  I think this book is great.  It offers a basic amount of information on a LOT of foods.  If you need more in-depth knowledge on a particular ingredient that the book doesn’t have then the website can fill you in on the rest.

By Jeannette

Good manners in kids is the reflection of good parenting and that is what I believe in. As a mother and fitness trainer I recommend that it is necessary to keep yourself healthy in order to raise your kids in a healthy world.

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