Bra Size, Body Fat & A Measuring Tape

When I first started writing this blog, I learned quite innocently about how running in an insufficient jog bra can lead to irreparable damage in the breast tissue. Then, I went on a hunt for the best jog bra I could find. (link) At the time, I was still nursing and was holding on to 10 pounds of body fat. Which lead me to the CW-X Extra Firm Hold Bra.  Thought it was the best thing on the planet. Seriously. I ran in it, washed it and ran again. I had no other jog bra in my closet that could keep me from bouncing.  Running with bouncing boobies is very painful and I don’t recommend it!

Fast forward 1  year.  Baby stopped breastfeeding at 16 months and in the last six months, I have lost 10 pounds.  And I’m very saddened to share that it seems for me that I lost my body fat in my chest (first). Boo Hoo.  In addition to that, the weight training (I’m guessing at this) has put muscle on my back/rib cage area?!  Anyway, now, I’m left with almost nothing but a bigger band size!  There isn’t a bra in the closet that is comfortable now. They dig, pinch, chaff, etc…Massively painful so much that I did some research on bra size today just to share with you. Turns out that women change their bra sizes six times in the course of their lives!  SIX.  And the first bar was invented in 1913 when a woman named Caresse Crosby took two handkerchiefs and attached them together with ribbon.  Then, it turns out that the manufacturers who ran the companies (men) sewed them to girdles.  Binding them horribly in a way that resembled the corsets (?) from the 1800’s! And then in the 1950’s, women looked like they had torpedo boobs.

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So, are you wearing the correct bra size?  I remember many moons ago watching an Oprah episode of how most women wear the wrong bra size and I’m finding this to be true even with myself.  You think it’s right until something happens like a birth or weight loss or whatever else, I’m sure I’ll find out someday..  If any of you have had this happen, please leave a comment.  I know I’m not the only one.

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