Cascade Ice, a guest opinion.

The Mrs. has charged me, her betrothed for the last almost 11 blissful years, to write an opinion on a beverage sample that she received for review a week or two ago. Cascade Ice, by Unique Beverage Co. supplied two flavors of product: Strawberry Lemonade, and Orange Mango. Both were similar as composition and nutritional specifics were concerned, containing 1% pear juice, citric acid, some natural (unspecified) flavorings in carbonated water, and sweetened with sucralose. A massive 2 (two) calories were included in 17.2 (why 17.2? and who puts 2.2 servings per container?) ounces. The drink does not include any caffeine.
These samples sat in the refrigerator for a few days before I couldn’t take it any longer, and had at them. FitMom has made carbonated soft drinks as rare around here as Snickers bars, and the Paleo thing (though I must admit that seeing my abs at 46 look better than they did at 26 is cool) is not always the tastiest diet (some notable exceptions). So I drank the Strawberry Lemonade first, and took the Orange mango to work for lunch. I was told that technically, the drinks fit into the paleo and zone diets. Therefore, I drank them without guilt. I also assume that I will not die prematurely from ingesting sucralose, so if you’re on one of those no sweeteners of any sort kicks, then go enjoy yourself as best you can, and stop reading here.
Now, my opinion… I loved this stuff. Maybe because when I was a kid, my parent’s idea of a healthy snack was Coke and potato chips (so I have a warped sweet tooth), or because I like carbonation and a drink that is less likely to rot my teeth. Whatever the reason, it tastes good, and I’d buy it. If it’s Paleo, great, if not, so what. I don’t always drink 1% fruit juice containing sparkling water, but when I do, I’ll drink as much of this stuff as they can Fed Ex me.
Thanks to FitMom for allowing me to guest blog, and thanks (in advance) to the wonderful people at Cascade Ice (and their marvelous parent company, Unique Beverages LLC) for providing more flavors to review.
P.S. Cascade Ice was provided to us for purposes of review and this is obviously an honest opinion from the hubby!

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