Check out my sexy trail shoes from Kuru Footwear

Did you know what you were going to be when you were 5? When my son introduces himself to strangers, he says “I am Inventor Super Benjamin”. My hairdresser says she’s been doing hair since she was five. Apparently, those of you who knew, REALLY KNEW. The owner of Kuru Footwear, Bret Rasmussen, has been designing shoes since he was in the fifth grade.
First, I’d like to send a big thank you to Sallee at Kuru Footwear for offering me the opportunity to test drive the Kruzr.  Kuru Footwear is a very new company {only two years}  but the owner has been designing shoes for 12 years! How cool it that to get your childhood dream come true?
I’ve taken these shoes on all our local mountain trails and have loved them. The fit is completely different than anything I’ve ever worn. They feel more like a sock on the inside and are fairly soft on the top, but the bottom is incredibly durable. The laces are unique as well. They seem to wrap up your foot from the inside rather than the outside. These shoes will be my teaching shoe as soon as physical education gets into full throttle next week! On all our  hikes, my feet never felt sore at the end of the day.  They felt fully supported without suffocating. If I were to compare these to other shoes in my closet, these will be first when it comes to outdoor wear and tear as they are way more supportive than a running shoe and not nearly as stiff as my Simple’s.
You can read about their unique technology here.  Kuru Footwear can be purchased online or at dealer near you.
Kuru invites you to check out their shoes and try them for yourself!
Here is a discount code for YOU:
Enter FITMOM10OFF at checkout.
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