Chuck Taylors or Running Shoes The Cross Fit Shoe Dilemma

If you know CrossFit style workouts, then you know we can easily go from heavy deadlifts to sprints in any given workout! Or you could be doing hang power cleans followed by jump rope…That’s the beauty of a it- we need to have the ability to transition from one activity to the next in a highly adaptable shoe.

The problem with a strict running shoe (for me) is that they are too squishy and I do not feel the necessary support or connection to the ground that I need to perform heavy lifts. In addition, when I am doing heavy cleans in running shoes, I have a tendency to fall on my ass–frequently because I do not have my regular lifting shoes on. {Which by the way have also been problematic…}

This leads me to a dilemma?!

What shoes do you wear in MetCon style workouts?

In any workout that is strictly lifting, I will wear my Rogue’s, but, on the other days, I’ve resorted to a regular running shoe- although it is not ideal. I’ve spoken with many of my workout buddies and the consensus at our box is either the traditional Chuck Taylor or a new brand called Inov-8. {Although, neither brand I’ve tried as of yet!}

What is the BEST crossfit shoe ever? What have you all been most successful in?
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