Commitment Skirt A Perfect Running Skirt

This is a great, all around, running skirt. There is a full length compression short underneath- so no chaffing, whoopee! In addition, two outside pockets on the skirt; perfect for an iPOD or that pesky key. The material used is 90% micropoly and 10% lycra. I particularly like the outside pockets and the longer short. Booty coverage and chaff-free on the legs make this skirt is a must have! For my body type, this skirt works great because the waist is cut to fit.

“How does it compare to the Gym Girl running skirt?”

It’s totally different in design, material and fit! My one minor issue with my Gym Girl is the fit in the waist. Connelly genetics (thanks Dad) have blessed me with a pear shaped bottom half (small waist, big butt), so when I run in my Gym Girl, it doesn’t quite fit my waist. Also, the Gym Girl is “swishy, swishy” and a lighter weight material, fine, just different than the Commitment Skirt. Heather Langendorfer, founder of atalanta athleticwear, has a great story about her skirt and the company. “I have been an endurance athlete for years. And, because of my “chubby” thighs, have always had to wear compression shorts for comfort and chaffing purposes.

However, the year I did my first Ironman, I spent so much time in running gear, I really grew tired of walking around in spandex. So, the idea for atalanta was conceived. There were skirt offerings on the market at the time, but still none really worked for me. I found running shortly after graduating college, most of my college friends are now shocked to learn that I run MARATHONS since as I like to say – I couldn’t run to the end of the block to save my life… But, running has given me many things; my health, my sanity, good friends, self-confidence, and improved body image and lots of fresh air over the years. I love sharing this passion with other people – and in short, atalanta’s mission is to help other women find their running stride and hopefully expose them to the many many gifts running has to offer. “

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