On my first post regarding jog bras, I discussed the ever present problem of a finding a suitable jog bra for running.  The girls should not be bouncing around ever but especially when running.  Running is a high impact sport.  Yoga, cycling and Pilates are low-impact sports, therefor different bras can be used.  You can be a little more relaxed on your choices for low-impact sports than you can for running.  Running may be cheap as far as the actual sport- but you still need adequate equipment; running shoes, jog bra, and a running skirt (or shorts).   I’ve taken special care in purchasing my running bras because I hate to get out for a run only to notice that my breasts were hurting because of an insufficient jog bra.   High impact pounding on your breasts can lead to irreversible sagging.  For those of you who have had kids, I’m sure you don’t want to lose any more in that area, if you know what I mean!  
CW-X is a “company dedicated to everyone in the world who love the exhilaration and challenge of sport”.  According to the website, CW-X is the world’s first anatomically engineered high performance sports apparel.  There are five different CW-X jog bras depending on the level of support you need (Lite Support to Firm Support) and all are equiped with some level of Coolmax mesh support for motion control.
“Inner cup Targeted Suport Web, 80% polyester/ 20% polyurethane mesh web provides targeted “Targeted Support” to breasts to provide motion control during activity.  There are five interconnected floating inner cup straps provide a soft and comfortable built in support structure which works in concert with shoulder straps and base strap to provide comfortable support.”

I have the Firm Support Bra and I am VERY impressed.   It is offered at Road Runner Sports and Activa  online.  The price range is $45-52, depending on where you buy it.   I feel confidant that I can steer you towards a good bra that will NOT let you bounce on any running you do. I enjoyed the feel of the bra-  soft, comfortable, not scratchy, and easy to remove! The material is 80% Coolmax and 20% nylon. There is an inner mesh lining in the back to offer additional support as well as wick the moisture away. Additionally, for those who still are “old school” like me and use a heart rate monitor strap, this bra is great because you can slide the strap under the binding and it won’t move around. The back of the bra is a racer back style so it will go with all your stylish sleeveless tank tops!  The CW-X Bras are about function. Very highly developed and designed, but not the most stylish item on the block.
What’s your favorite running bra? 
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