David Kirschs Ultimate New York Body Plan

Years ago, I heard Heidi Klum in an interview answering the question, “how do you stay so slim?” and her answer was “eat right and exercise”. That’s it.  She said it wasn’t easy, and that she really doesn’t enjoy exercise very much but she is willing to do it because of her modeling career.  David Kirsch is her trainer in New York and she says she regularly works out with him. How many of you have heard of David Kirsch?  I (live under a rock) had never heard of him until I received a press release about his new book, the Ultimate New York Body Plan.  I love reading these types of books because I always learn new things.

Kirsch wrote this book with some of his clients in mind, who, really wanted to lose a lot of weight fast.  He has another book called Sound Mind, Sound Body that is more of a six week plan (anybody read?)- this one is strictly a TWO WEEK PLAN.  One and a half hours of exercise per day, followed by a strict diet of mostly protein and veggies.  No bread, no pasta, no rice, no carrots, no sweet potatos,  no fruits, no alcohol, no dairy, no sugar, no egg yolks.  Gee, if I dropped all those foods, I probably would lose ten pounds too.  This plan is for somebody who NEEDS something to get them to do this.  Such as a wedding, a family reunion, a high school reunion, a photo shoot.

The Training Portion

His program, I believe is designed more for women than men, but, I read some reviews of men who followed the program.  They just modified it with extra weights.   His plan is based on his philosophy that some women want to look sexy and sculpted but not bulky.  So, his entire weight circuit uses a medicine ball, light hand weights and a stability ball.   The book comes with a pull-out poster for all of his exercises.  There is a Cardio Sculpting Routine, an abs and core toning routine,  and a legs and butt routine.  Day 1 is the cardio sculpting routine plus 45 minutes of additional cardio.  For the cardio portion, he says, it must be heart pumping such as the gauntlet.  No intervals are required- just 45 minutes every single day.

The Nutrition Portion

Day 2 calls for an AM Protein Shake, Spinach and Brocoli Egg White Frittata and Turkey Sausage, Asian BBQ Chicken Kabob with Thai Salsa, Tuna Salad and Broccoli, Protein Shake or a Salmon Burger with Spinach for dinner.   There are at least 25 recipes included in this section.  It doesn’t look like you’d be starving yourself- just depriving yourself of anything fun at all.  And he says if you fall of the wagon – by eating a cookie – then you must punish yourself with 30 minutes of additional cardio.  The recipes are inventive and reasonable.  For sure, I’d try the Salmon Burgers or the Tuna Salad.  In fact, I was impressed with the number of creative recipes included in this book.

What’s your opinion?

I have mixed feelings on this plan for several reasons.  This kind of strict diet would lead me straight to the pantry for something to cheat on daily and I’m quite certain that I would not go two weeks without any sugar.  I liked some of the cardio sculpting exercises which I can incorporate into my current plan.  I also loved some of the more challenging stability ball or medicine ball exercises- but there are like 40 exercises!  For the abs and core, there are only 8 and 14 for the legs and butt.  That is too many in my humble opinion.  As a mom, just looking at this list overwelms me.  Since this is Fitness for Mommies, I have to put it out there that I don’t think this plan as written would be easy to fit into your daily life.  

Also, I like lifting heavy.  I like having strong muscles.  I’m not after the super model lean look.  Who is?  However, what I can take away from this book are the concepts – to reduce the amounts of bread, pasta, rice, whole grains that I eat, reduce the number of yolks I put in my frittata’s, swap out one iced coffee for green tea…And, add some of the exercises into my routine -but 45 minutes TOTAL is generally what I give myself in the mornings before work – so, one or two per day, maybe. How many of you would be willing to follow this plan?  Heard of David Kirsch? Followed the modeling careers of Liv Tyler or Linda Evangilista? Curious as to YOUR opinion

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