Decorating a Nursery

Today, decorating for a newborn is a fun and exciting experience with so many wonderful themes from which to choose; from soft pastels to bright and bold Disney characters. While decorating yourself can be daunting, the new products on the market make it so easy and affordable.

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Nursery Decor Ideas

Colour –

Infants are fascinated by bright primary colours, but too much can overwhelm the senses. Instead pale, calming shades should be used to create a restful atmosphere. Another great idea is to apply bright and colourful motifs to the top of the wall and on the ceiling since most of the time, the infant is gazing upwards and touches of bright primary colours here and there for extra interest and visual stimulation by means pictures, mobiles and stuffed toys. If the room is decorated in a particular theme, try to match your accessories to this wherever possible.

Bedding and Linen –

Coordinated bedding sets and matching accessories can make easy work of decorating a baby room. And mixing and matching gives you the opportunity for more imaginative nursery decorating ideas. Even furniture can be painted in coordinating colours.

Furniture –

There are so many options from which to choose: bedding sets, furnishings, nursery wall décor and accessories, you will lose yourself in the joy of it. If you are looking for furniture for a nursery, look for items that can be given a quick change by adding new accessories and a coat of paint. That makes it so much easier when the room needs to be redecorated and you will be able to avoid the upheaval of a major redecorating project.

Storage –

You can imagine that as your baby grows so does the amount of clothing and accessories. Storage space will always be at a premium. Closets, floor space, and wall space can all be used very efficiently, thanks to the boom in storage devices and planning services. Bookcases though, will always remain one of the most practical furniture items a parent can invest in, but are seldom sold as part of nursery furniture sets. Look for quality pieces that will be durable and hardwearing. You’ll want easily adjustable shelves, as toys and books range and change in size over the years. Built-in shelving allows you to maximize space from floor to ceiling, and from wall to wall.

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