Denise Austin’s “Fit and Firm Pregnancy

Denise Austin: Fit & Firm Pregnancy
How many of you want her body? Admit it! She is seriously fit, toned and sexy. I personally want her abs. She’s had two kids too, so, what’s my excuse?? Too many Iced Mocha’s!
I’ve been getting toned up with the above DVD. This DVD is perfect for the mother-to-be and beyond! There is a fantastic 20 minute cardiovascular set that is low-impact and heart healthy. Two 20 minute strength training routines that will work your entire body. Finally, she has two bonus workouts for core strength and breathing techniques.
Fit and Firm Pregnancy really follows Denise’s own philosophy of fitness. I was lucky enough to talk to her recently, and she simply does thirty minutes of exercise a day. Three days per week she does some form of cardiovascular conditioning, two days per week she works on strength training and toning, and finally, she incorporates yoga on the off day.
I highly recommend this DVD for those of you pregnant mommies out there! It’s a complete body workout that will keep you fit and trim throughout your pregnancy. If you’re just thinking about getting back into shape – this is a good place to start. Fit and Firm Pregnancy is challenging yet can be adapted to your own level of fitness. There’s also a good segment at the end for toning your abdominals after you’ve given birth which I found challenging (my baby is almost 2!).
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