Downtown Santa Monica

This weekend was my last training session with Yoga Works. Only, this one was Yoga Playgrounds. Strangely titled; how the teacher thought yoga should be for kids- more like a playground and less like yoga. Funny, I kept staring at her wondering where I’d seen her before…took me 12 hours to figure it out. She is the teacher in the Yoga Fitness for Kids videos that I have. (Amazon)

One of the main things that I took from this training, was to have a greater intention before walking in to the classroom. Such as teaching one of life’s universal principles like patience, commitment, non-violence through yoga. It’s actually a really good idea and gives me lots of ideas on how to structure a yoga class. An idea of this would be to teach inversions on a day when I want to focus on empowering or confidence. Because when you do a headstand or handstand or walk up the wall, you feel really good! We also learned partner poses and I’ll model this later in the week. Thank God these training sessions are over- oh, how I have loved, but very thankful that they are over!!

The training was in Pacific Palisades but I stayed in Santa Monica. PP is up the coast from Santa Monica overlooking the ocean. It’s a cute little town with lots of money, it seemed to me. And Santa Monica is a big city next to Los Angeles- famous eating choices, farmer’s markets and home of the original Hardtail store on Third Street Promenade. Open any Yoga Journal and the first page is an ad for Hardtail. Lovely, edgy, colorful yoga clothes. The store was the size of a grocery store and packed with massive quantities of product in every color of the rainbow. Loved it all. Each piece I’d pick up was perfect. I honestly couldn’t find anything I didn’t like. But, it was more fun to hunt down the store, run my hands through every rack then it was to buy anything. Left empty handed and am proud of it!

Then on to a unique farmer’s market- one block from Hardtail. This farmer’s market sold everything from raw milk to freshly harvested chickens to cheese to eggs to mushrooms. Now, that is buying local. Whew. We do not have this in our town yet. Do you? Also amazing kinds of tomatoes, herbs, lettuces..trying not to be jealous *sniff*, *sniff*. Next time, I’ll take more images of the produce!

Now, off for a family weekend! Hope you all are having an amazing weekend!
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