Drug and Teens: Take Action

Teen’s drug addiction can be caused by diverse factors like poor educational performance, difficulties in relations, misunderstandings with parents, violence in class or at home. Drugs obsessions are the practical realizations of the teen’s dealing with depression. It’s not a secret that in the period of adolescence teenagers face countless challenges and learn how to take on the responsibility for their actions. It’s true that becoming an independent individual is an incredible challenge. The major reason lies in the reluctance of youngsters to deal with the issues themselves. They prefer taking delight in the drug high to deal with the issues that are troubling them. The relief that teen’s drugs addictions bring is short lived and fleeting. The problems don’t disappear, they even become aggravated. Drugs are everywhere and predatory dealers are targeting younger and younger clients. Parents need to be always on the look out for it.

The idea of a young kid taking drugs is scary, but similarly as worrying is the knowledge that children, even small kids, have about drugs. They can tell you about cocaine or heroin, or marijuana, or any of the other drugs sold on the street. Folks need to grasp the risk factors. Keep your eyes open. There are two reasons why kids will take drugs. It’s a fact that 1/2 of all kids will try drugs before they get out of high college. There are 2 group that may be made for drug obsession. The first group is just trying to find fun and excitement. They need to be part of the gang, so they do what their buddies do. They need to be cool. The second group is the children who need to feel better. They could have emotional or psychological issues, or they come from a violent home, or something else isn’t right, without reference to how loving and supportive their parents are. They need to feel better, or simply feel normal. They’re self-medicating to feel better.

Drugs and alcohol are made from such robust chemicals that they can smother the body’s own natural chemistry. When someone uses drugs on consistently, body becomes burned out of key nutriments and amino acids. These nutritive inadequacies stop the body from receiving the nutritive energy that it must produce and release the natural chemicals. The brain and body are fooled into assuming the drug or alcohol is the natural chemical it wants. How does one know if your children are using drugs? Look for the signs like mood changes, or changes in energy levels, redness around their eyes. Have they stopped eating? Are they keeping up with their homework? Are they more secretive? Have they changes friends? To talk about drug obsession parents need special time with their kids. Try to draw them out and see what’s going on in their lives. Being a good parent is the best drug prevention program one can do at home. We inspire you take a look into drug prevention programs in your youngster’s faculty, or locally.

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