Who’s on the cover of Men’s Health this month????

A) Brad Pitt

B) Taylor Phinney

C) Lance Armstrong

Anybody read the article? Yep, it’s Lance. Working out with a Kettlebell and BOSU ball. Boy, would I love to see his cross training schedule! Can you do a one -arm push-up with one arm on the BOSU? I need to try that. Looks pretty tough. Yes, Lance is using a Kettlebell. I have recently purchased a 15 pound Kettlebell and I am in LOVE. What a fantastic way to work all the muscles in your body, FAST. On a side note: I was really excited to get a gift certificate to the local sports store and the first thing outa my mouth was, “oh goody!! I can buy another Kettlebell!!” Sis-in-law says, “a Kettle-what?” so I go around demonstrating my three KB moves that I have mastered on Christmas Eve. I’m the nut, remember? She then became intrigued with the Kettlebell as well. Same thing with the BOSU, got it out and showed everyone who cool it is… At this point in my KB experience, I am just barely scratching the surface.

With the help of the instructional DVD that comes with the GOFIT Kettlebell, I can do the 2 Arm Swing, Basic Crunches, Oblique Twists holding it. There is SO much you can do with one KB, it’s amazing. You can check out this motivating workout with Charlotte Ord here Kettlebell’s are not cheap. A 15 pound GoFit bell will cost around at $29 on Amazon. Or if you want the real thing- an authentic Russian Kettlebell, they are $100 from Dragon Door.com. But, if you are considering adding equipment to your home gym, Kettlebells take up less space and you would not need to invest in as much as (2) 25 pound dumbbells would cost, as an example. If you are an athlete or a mom, I think the Kettlebell would be a fantastic addition to your home gym equipment! With the help of your imagination and a little You Tube, you could probably create your own strength training workout! One suggestion would be to start on the LOW side so you can master all the exercises! 15 pounds is a bit heavy for me on the Turkish Get-Ups, still! As I learn more, I will share. Thoughts on the Kettlebell?

By Jeannette

Good manners in kids is the reflection of good parenting and that is what I believe in. As a mother and fitness trainer I recommend that it is necessary to keep yourself healthy in order to raise your kids in a healthy world.

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