5 Must Experience ‘Therapy Massage’ Power-packed In A List

How beautiful it is to imagine yourself amid the lush greens, relaxing your body with a therapeutic massage? Ranging from the classics like Swedish and Thai to more contemporary like Shiatsu, it can get really confusing. Also, every massage style has its own healing properties and deals with specific areas in the body—there are also massage therapies focusing on all parts of the body like Swedis massage. The idea is to know in detail what you are getting into before choosing a massage for its therapeutic properties than just a fancy name.

We have in a list for 5 must experience therapy massage:

1. Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massage therapy is synonymous with massage therapy, based on the western concept of anatomy and physiology as compared to the Asian, energy-centric massages. The massage is performed with a specific lotion, oil or essential oil with broad strokes to specifically treating the problem areas. The therapist uses five kinds of strokes during a swedish massage, including long smooth strokes called effleurage, kneading-rolling-lifting called petrissage, small circular movements called friction, percussion called tapotement and vibration. Swedish Massage is for full body relaxation and especially recommended if you are recovering from an injury.

2. Pregnancy Massage

Also known as prenatal massage which caters to only specific section of women made specifically on our list because most women are unaware of the deep-lasting impact it can have on your body. It is very simple to understand, your body is not only supporting you but a life breathing within you, it is very important to experience therapeutic massage to relax your body and salm your senses.

Women usually experience chronic lower back pains and swollen ankles, especially in the last trimester. Prenatal massage can ease the pain and swelling without a hint of a medical drug and is quite safe. The prenatal massage practitioners are highly trained and skilled. Ideally, people go for massage therapists who are licensed and experienced, like the practitioners of pregnancy massage in Auckland.

3. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is focus centric, therapeutic massage that deals with the problem areas in deeper layers of the tissue. It targets muscle knots, deep layers of muscles and connective tissue with deliberate slow strokes or friction method. The massage therapist addresses chronic tight muscles, strain, postural problems or injuries. Deep Tissue Massage is usually intense, however, it does not mean it has to be painful. In case you feel any pain, the therapist needs to be told right away. Deep tissue—the massage therapy in Ponsonby will relieve you from stress ailments, restrictive movements, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

4. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy massage is a combination of diffusing essential oils, extracted from flowers while a deep relaxing massage. The different oils have different properties and are used for healing purposes. For instance, lavender and lemongrass are used for deep relaxation. Aromatherapy massage is specifically to relax, energise and uplift and has a healing effect on the body and senses. From curing headaches and insomnia to back pain and premenstrual symptoms, it is a must try therapeutic massage once.

5. Thai Massage

An ancient therapy of healing founded by buddhist monks some 2000 years ago, Thai massage is power-packed with healing both on the physical and energy level. It is a massage that includes passive stretching and gentle pressure along the energy lines of the body. Thai massage includes a lot of body work from the massage therapist’s end and you need to feel comfortable with their methods, since it could be unexpected and uncomfortable, especially for the first timers. However, it goes without saying, Thai massage is the best therapy to heal long standing issues in your body. It is a holistic approach of treatment and is done sans any oil or lotion.  

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