Featured Product: LivingFuel

This is one amazing product! I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to try out two of Living Fuel’s products this month {Living Protein and the Double Chocolate Coco Chia Sustained Energy Bars} and I have seriously impressed.

Living Fuel offers a wide variety of products from Therasweet ( a natural sweetener) to Super Greens to Living rotein. The protein powder has been fantastic as it offers a complete plant protein of 20 grams of protein per serving.

Information on the Living Protein is below:

* Enzymes for easy digestion and optimal delivery of nutrients to the body;
* Non-GMO rice and non-GMO pea proteins;
* Non-GMO and pesticide-free stabilized brown rice bran;
* Patented probiocap probiotics (stabilized to store well at room temperature);
* Therasweet, all natural sweetener;
* Buffered Vitamin C for antioxidant protection; and
* A neutral taste, with a slight natural sweetness.

I’ve been using this protein for the last month and have loved it. When mixed with water alone the taste is a bit chalky, however, with fruit and non-sweetened vanilla almond milk, it’s delicious!

My kids and I both loved the Coco Chia Double Chocolate Sustained Energy Bar. These bars satisfied my chocolate craving and served as treats for both my kids and I.

To learn more about Living Fuel, I strongly recommend reading the about story.
All of Living Fuel’s products are available online.

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