French Diet: Why The French Are So Thin

The French Paradox is a phenomenon that’s intrigued women around the world, especially when they’re trying to lose weight. The phenomenon refers to French women’s apparent ability to eat fatty foods, drink wine and exercise little while retaining a youthful appearance and thin figure. In spite of the rich foods included in the typical French way of eating, they also have relatively lower incidence of coronary disease.For those who’ve been asking themselves “How do I lose weight?” the answer to this question can be hard to find for women over 40. As women age, the combination of hormonal changes, lifestyle changes and less physical activity often lead to steady weight gain over the years. Many women over 40 who wish to lose weight turn to information about The French Paradox to help them shed weight gain. As you learn more about The French Paradox, you’ll find that the methods used to stay thin and retain a youthful appearance have more to do with the approach toward food and the French lifestyle than the actual food itself.

French Diet

Smaller Portion Sizes

When American and French restaurant portion sizes are compared, it’s discovered that portions in the United States are 25 percent bigger. French women don’t experience weight gain because smaller portions are the norm. Additionally, meal time is a time to enjoy food slowly, as well as the company of the people you’re eating with. Eating on the run or in the car are two things very few French women do.

Everything in Moderation Versus The All-or-Nothing Approach

Seven percent of French adults are obese, compared to the nearly 36 percent of adults in the United States who are obese. Many of the diets in the US tell women over 40 they must eat all of one type of food and none of another. The all-or-nothing approach is often a setup for failure because we become tempted by the things we can’t have. In France, women eat croissants, rich brie cheese and enjoy red wine, but they do so in small to moderate serving sizes.

The Three-Bite Rule To Avoid Deprivation

Feelings of deprivation often lead dieters to give up completely on their weight loss efforts. The French employ the three-bite rule to avoid deprivation altogether. When you want that slice of cheesecake, buy it. But only eat three bites, then stop and don’t take the rest home in a doggie bag. Throw it away, pour salt all over it or share it with someone else.

Walk Everyone & Take The Stairs

In France and all over Europe people walk a lot. If it’s not possible for you to walk everywhere, park as far away as you can and walk in. Instead of taking the escalator or elevator, take the stairs. Consistent stair climbing will transform your body, as will regular walking. An average fast food meal in the 1950s was the same size as one of today’s Happy Meals from McDonald’s. Our super-size mentality may have gotten us more for our money, but it’s also cost our nation billions of dollars to study and attempt to remedy our nation’s obesity epidemic. In reality, The French Paradox is merely a healthy lifestyle that prevents weight gain and helps women over 40 retain a youthful appearance due to better health and more energy. The answer to the question “How do I lose weight?” is actually one of common sense and discipline. Eat a predominantly healthy diet, but enjoy special foods, too, in moderation. Don’t take the car when you can walk…not only will this help you lose weight, it’s also an effective stress buster. Make the rules of The French Paradox a way of life to stay thin and feel healthy.

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