Get Your Green Thumb On

I have always been a “gardener”.  In fact, in the old days of early married life, my husband called me a farmer!  I had turned every available space into working gardening space.  I remember tasting Cauliflower from the garden to my mouth and it being the best damned cauliflower I had ever tasted.

Yes, it’s January, and if you don’t live in Southern California or somewhere warmish..planting a garden is the furthest thing from your mind.  But, really, it’s time to make a plan, order some seeds and get them in seed pots.  Why am I pushing gardening on you now when you might have been looking for a food/fitness post? Because, this is my website and I can talk about what interests me…it’s always been about food since it’s earliest days.  We eat tons of fruits and vegetables to the tune of $70ish dollars a week!  Zucchini, Onions, Carrots, Squash and Spinach are all vegetables I eat every single week…and they also happen to be very easy vegetables to grow (at least here- although I’ve never been successful with carrots).  You can actually help the planet by growing your own food, seriously.

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