Give Your Kids A Hygienic And Happy Home

Motherhood can be extremely multitasking (and demanding too)! The one job where you have to keep on doing something or the other to make sure your child is well from all spheres, and super happy too (or so you would always want)! We mothers are so much obsessed with our kids’ safety and wellbeing, that we even tend to get up and look at them even during the middle of the night when they are deep asleep, and at times even right next to us! Crux – there’s no denying the fact that moms are superlative in caring for their little ones.

One such obsession of moms can be making sure that their children eat healthy, breath healthy, stay healthy! After all, a healthy child is a happy child! To maintain the health and hygiene level at its extreme best, she may do everything possible (all that she can think of!). From boiling to disinfect the already purified water bottle twice to opting for carpet steam cleaning Brisbane from Dinno’s carpet cleaning and pest control, who has some got exclusive services to clean your homes in the best way (and that takes care of the hygiene factor right there!). But are you sure you cover all nooks of your home in your effort to sanitise? Let’s look around for such pointers which may seem minute, but can have disastrous effects on our kid’s health and wellbeing.

How to Make Sure that our Homes are Hygienic?

Not all clean homes can be called entirely sanitised. There are certain minor points – like, getting rid of the germs and harmful organisms present in the floors and carpets through carpet cleaning in Brisbane southside (or any other city of suburbs for that matter!), and even using eco-friendly electronic appliances that help in cleaning the air inside the house. Making sure of such things is necessary to be relieved of the fact that our homes are healthy and safe for our kids to live.

  • Clean Floors and Walls — Do you know that the maximum harmful germs that enter our houses get stuck in the walls and carpets? These may appear spic and span when you wipe with a damp cloth, but the fine microbes present do not get damaged so easily. Even the freshly painted walls include a lot of chemicals, which in turn are a reason of these harmful bacteria. These can be the main reason causing breathing issues in children, and often the cause of all skin allergies. Hence, it’s essential to use thorough cleaning procedures like steam cleaning, making use of organic wall cleaning agents, etc. to make sure our walls and floors stay healthy and clean at its purest form. Even for the carpets, getting them vacuum cleaned may leave some of the minute organisms in them, a thorough procedure is required to sanitise carpets too. Toddlers and babies tend to catch the maximum germs through the things they pick up from the floor and put directly in their mouth.
  • Smart Air Conditioners and Air purifiers — Recently, a study showed that a large number of harmful chemicals enter our houses through the air that makes way to our places. The culprit? Rise in pollution level, of course! The more this topic was brought to limelight, the more parents demanded a solution for it. Solution? The latest techniques in Air Conditioners boast of this feature which doesn’t let the outdoor harmful stuff enter our homes – they claim to purify and disinfect the pollutant. Pollution in the air is an alarming cause of asthma and other breathing-related problems in children. Using gadgets that can filter the air can help you combat the situation.
  • Activated Charcoal Based Cleaning Agents — Recent studies have shown that activated charcoal are the best purifying agents in the most natural way. The use of it as regular cleaning agent may be effective in destroying the harmful germs in our places. However, they may even be harsh on our baby’s skin. So, it’s better to opt for natural ingredients that combine activated charcoal in a balanced ratio.

A mom cannot be ever contented with whatever she does for her kid’s better health and hygiene! But trying these ways have proven results!

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