Got that musty smell in your workout clothes

Six days a week, I am wearing workout clothes.  On the other day, I am wearing jeans.  That racks up to a lot of laundry! And, I do notice that even with washing- particularly after a workout and before I have changed my clothes that I stink.  Now, I know that I sweat, but the stench is pretty foul.  Just learned this today, that, my moisture -wicking fabrics  after a few washing with the regular detergent will not lift the sweat off the fabric.  So, even though I’m wearing a “clean” shirt, I smell after a 30 minute workout.
Introducing, WIN sport detergent.  This is a high performance sport detergent! And has been designed to remove the ODOR from your moisture-wicking, Under Armour or Coolmax running clothes.  Since I have so much to wash every week, this went into use, the first day I got it.   We have a basket specifically for our workout clothes and since receiving the WIN sport detergent, I’ve used it three times or so.    This product absolutely REMOVES the stench from my clothes.  And when compared to my non-WIN washed clothes, the smelled cleaner and fresher.  It’s a pretty classy product for your favorite pricey workout gear!
I know a lot of you have seen this product on other blogs and I agree with the other bloggers that it is pricey.  For a small bottle- you get 14 loads of laundry for the price of $8.  From the website, I am gathering that it’s only sold online at the moment.  Has anyone seen it sold elsewhere?  If this product were sold at my local running store or in the grocery stores,  I would consider buying it since I have so many workout clothes to wash…but,  then again, the shower is always an option.
What do you all think? Anyone else tried it?  Do your clothes stink?

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