Handful: A Sexy Bra For Workouts And Play

I love highlighting women’s companies here. Particularly when the product is going to be near and dear to MOST of you, readers! When heavily training for marathons, jog bras became extremely important. They had to be anti-chaf, ability to hold you in place (NO BOUNCE) and wick moisture away were the big concerns. Now that the marathon is over and I’m all about fitting in exercise whenever and where ever, the concerns are now; Can I wear it all day? From sweating to teaching to coffee shops, etc! It’s has to go the distance. This bra DOES.

A padded sports bra with (if you want) removable pads. I love the gathering in the front–there are two breasts not ONE. NOT a boob smasher. The bra could seriously function as a top alone if you’re comfortable with that look! I’ve been working out with it for about a month now and it’s not too hot. Sweat is wicked away and there is no showing of the nipples in this thing..Even better is that this could be an all day bra. The straps allow for all of my sleeveless tank tops to be worn without the strappy problems I have with regular bras. Jennifer, president, of Handful Inc. was kind enough to answer some of my questions about her, her product and future plans.

ME: What is your favorite sport or activity?

JF: I love being active and have taught a variety of fitness classes since 1989. It’s difficult to pick “one favorite activity”. Currently, I am running 3 times per week so that would be the activity I am participating in the most. One of my favorite activities is to be outside riding my bike. However, due to the weather in the NW (and that cycling can be time consuming), I don’t get out on my bike as much as I like. I am hoping for future sunny days to get out and ride.

ME: What made you decide to start your own business?

After years spent searching in vain for the perfect sports bra, I finally decided to be proactive and design and manufacture the one I had been looking for.

ME: What are your plans for the future and Handful Inc.?People ask us if we plan to expand our product line soon (i.e. different styles in tops, etc). For now, our focus really is simply on “that one awesome basic underlayer piece” that transforms your entire wardrobe (from workout to weekend). Our goals for Handful are to add some color lines with the same style handful sports bra & continue to get the word out about our product. We went national last year with retail stores and catalogs, and we have increased our sales force nationally as well. Our goal is to exponentially increase our sales each year. That will translate into our company going strong as a single entity or potentially be available to be acquired.

Where can you find Handful Inc?

Handful Inc is based out of the Pacific North West and will be displayed at the Eugene, Seattle, and Portland Marathons! These bras can be purchased online for $40. Last year’s model is on clearance for $20! These bras can also be found in brick and mortar stores across the country.

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