How Can a Healthy Body Increase Your Life Span?

Most individuals, especially the younger generation, are entirely unaware of the fact that your weight has a direct impact on your life span. These young and brilliant minds spend most of their time munching away on fast-food and high sodium snacks. After America, this lifestyle has made steady growth in the UAE. 

An alarming increase in obesity in the western world and now in the Gulf states due to unhealthy eating practices and lifestyle have shown a rapid decline in the age span of individuals regardless of gender. People are so taken up by their professional lives that they have trouble making time for exercise and workout. 

Our body is a temple, so one should tend to it with commitment. This article highlights the top ways to enhance the quality of your life by keeping your body toned. 

How to Live Longer

Life in Dubai is very fast. With a hectic and long work routine, individuals in Dubai have started to age faster than intended. This burdensome routine accompanied by that harsh weather limits the opportunities for a good exercise. With being so busy in keeping with that hustle and bustle of the city, most people neglect their health. 

Here are five simple ways to tone your body and ensure an increased life span. 

1. Daily Exercise

In all human beings, there is a fine balance between energy intake and energy expenditure or burning. Energy intake is in the form of food and energy expenditure is definitely in the form of physical activity and the metabolic rate. Similarly, the amount of energy expenditure depends on the following factors: 

  • Frequency of activity
  • Intensity of activity
  • Duration of activity 
  • Type of activity 

I simple words it’s all about calorie consumption and calorie burning. Daily exercise like cardio, morning walk, or even a stroll in the park will help you consume that energy and burn calories. Morning walk and yoga are associated with a lot of physical and mental health improvements. 

2. Drink water!

Most people are curious about how much water should one drink every day? In reality, most of the people are under-hydrated because they simply don’t drink enough water. The body gives signs in case it is under-hydrated, which we neglect. If you need to shred those extra pounds to add years to your life span, start drinking water!

Make sure to drink 2 liters of water every day, which makes it about four small bottles that are easily available on the streets. The key to weight loss is to keep hydrated throughout the day. Let’s say its bedtime, and in order to catch up, you chug a liter of water, which would be of no help as you are probably going to urinate that out.  

If you are tired by the taste of water and don’t feel like drinking it, add some lemon or fruit to make it tasty, so you can lose some extra pounds. 

3. Cut down on “bad” carbs 

Eating carbohydrates in excess can lead to issues like diabetes and obesity. Apart from fat accumulation, it also leads to a decline in health and age. Before we proceed any further, you need to create an understanding of carbs. When people think about going on a diet, they think of carbs as something bad. Well, note that not all carbs are similar!

Carbs are any food that is digested and becomes sugar. It’s one of the three macronutrients along with fats and proteins. Carbs get digested very quickly; hence, releasing sugar into our bloodstreams right away. These include white bread, chocolate, white rice, bakery condiments, etc. 

The complex carbs, however, are very good for your health as they take longer to digest, giving us more steady energy throughout the day. Some of the examples of good carbs are whole wheat bread, brown rice, potatoes, corn, legumes, etc. So make sure you know your carbs before cutting them out of your diet.

4. Opt for LPG treatment 

If you want to speed up that weight loss process to gain those extra years, then there is another option of LPG treatment. LPG is a slimming treatment that works perfectly for weight loss, cellulite treatment, and even skin appearances. 

Following are some of the benefit of getting an LPG Slimming treatment:

  • Skin tightening
  • Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation 
  • Increases overall energy
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Shapes body areas like tummy, thighs, and even neck.

The LPG Slimming treatment uses a combination of several techniques like rubbing and massaging with different machines and tools. It engages fat cells and pockets, which ultimately reduces cellulite and fat. 

5. Avoid Processed Sugar 

Our bodies need glucose for energy, but most of us are overfilling ourselves with sugar. You may be thinking that you don’t consume that much sugar, but the chances are that sugar is the main reason behind the obesity epidemic in the world. 

The average American consumes about 17 teaspoons of sugar every day! Summing it all up, it translates into 57 pounds of sugar consumed per year by each individual. Some of the delicious variants of sugar include deserts, regular pop, and sauces. For a healthy lifestyle, cut down the consumption of processed sugar and soda as it is very harmful to the body. 

Just like any other drug, sugar is very addictive in nature. It first causes obesity, which then leads to diabetes. Not all the calories are created equally, so it is advised to avoid consuming processed sugar as it takes the place of other nutrients in your diet like milk or fruit. Too much sugar intake has been linked to many health risks, including diabetes, dental cavities, obesity, and heath disease. 

6. Lose Weight and Keep it Off! 

Living a healthy life is truly a blessing. One cannot expect to excel in professional areas if one is physically and mentally compromised. Both your physical and mental health can affect your aging process. Thus, a perfectly toned body with no extra mass is definitely going to add healthy years to your long life. 

Take some time out of your busy life schedule and treat yourself to a healthy lifestyle, ensuring a long life of happiness. Make sure to strap those boots and exercise or remember to take stairs next time instead of hopping into an elevator. 


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