Healthy Sports Drinks Owater

Next time you head for the store, see if you can find Owater. This is one sports drink that I can recommend! There are two types of Owater- unsweetened and infused.
So far, I’ve tried a twist of berry, strawberry, and peach in the unsweetened Owater. They taste like water with a slice of fruit in each one. There is no added sugar and they’ve been sweetened only with the natural fruit flavor. Electrolytes have been added to the water as well so they would be GREAT to take to the gym! Skip the Gatorade or Vitamin Water and give this one a try.
For the infused flavors, Coconut Infused Owater tasted the BEST while blueberry was my least favorite. Each one of the Infused Owaters has been enhanced with electrolytes, antioxidants, or caffeine and all have a small amount of pure cane sugar. The sugar content is low, so an entire bottle is only 70 calories. Even better is that there is NO high fructose corn syrup (one of my pet peeves), fake sweeteners or added colors. The flavor is sweet but not over the top. For my family, this is a great alternative to soda. For those of you planning on participating in triathlons- a little sweetness in the water on the bike is a good thing! It’s kind of like waking up the body when you start to sag and get tired.
My family loved all the waters! My youngest was begging for more water…I’ve also been in the dog house lately because I refuse to buy Diet Dr. Pepper. We used to drink this soda all the time- it is NOT good for you. There are no nutrients found in soda, particularly diet soda, that I can honestly say – “YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR BODY”. I do have my vices that I enjoy- wine, mocha’s, and chocolate, however, I’m taking steps towards more nutritious choices that we make as a family. So, I was excited to find Owater either Unsweetened or Infused that we can all drink and enjoy!

You should be able to find Owater in a grocery store near you! I had to do some serious hunting in my town (particularly among Gatorade bottles) to find it- so if you can’t find any, I urge you to write a note to the management of the grocery store telling them that you want it! I did! I can’t believe how much space those other brands get… You can also buy it online on Amazon or Beverages Direct. Check the Owater site for details.
Owater wins “Best Enhanced Water” by BevNET.
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