We all know that I have a thing about running skirts~ something about looking sexy while sweaty gives me confidence. And Danskin seriously impressed me with their new sexy running skirts!! Oh MY! I even got a compliment from hubby in this outfit! There is a flat, wide waistband with a built-in drawstring, a lightweight spandex material for good wicking, and a great pair of compression shorts underneath! My only minor complaint is that the compression shorts might be slightly too short to prevent chaffing. However, with a little anti-chaff product such as body glide, this skirt is fantastic! There are really cute, stylish tank tops with built in compression bras to match!
The second skirt is a called the Women’s Skort. The material is 55%, 35% polyester, and 5% spandex. The style is a bit more casual and has an A-line fit. I love both skirts and would wear either to school, out for a run or to the store. For sure, a Fit Mommy skirt!

Thank you, Danskin for this awesome opportunity to review your skirts! You have impressed me.
Readers, what is your favorite running skirt and why? What makes that skirt the best one? What is something that bugs you in a running skirt and what is mandatory?

By Jeannette

Good manners in kids is the reflection of good parenting and that is what I believe in. As a mother and fitness trainer I recommend that it is necessary to keep yourself healthy in order to raise your kids in a healthy world.

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