How And When Should I Move My Child From A Crib To A Bed

We hear lots of names for baby beds but ultimately there are three choices for the stage after cribs: baby beds, toddler bed and a single bed. What’s the difference? Basically a baby bed and toddler bed are the same thing. Sometimes you can buy a crib that converts to a bed by removing the rails and lowering the based to the floor. A toddler bed is the same thing – but it doesn’t convert to a crib. And a single bed or child’s bed is basically like the single beds you find at any furniture store.

Deciding When to Switch Baby To a Bed

The time to move baby to a bed is really a family decision but you may want to consider some safety issues in the process. If you child can start to climb out of the crib, there could be danger in them falling out. Some safety books recommend that all stuffed animals, bumper pads and other items which could be used to step higher, be removed from the crib. Keeping these examples in mind, you’ll have to determine what’s best for your family and circumstances. It’s never a bad idea to consult with your family doctor or health department to gather more information.

Planning for Baby Beds

You will want to plan where the bed will reside in the home. Perhaps the crib was in your master bedroom and it’s time to convert the office to a toddler room. You may also need to reorganize the nursery to accommodate for the new bed. Things to keep in mind. Your child will be able to get in and out of the bed at will. Make sure that revisit all the items within baby’s reach. Any creams or powder that baby can now reach if he or she awakes early in the morning. Have you ever seen zinc ointment smeared on the walls? It’s not a fun product to clean. If you purchase a single bed, you may want to purchase a bed rail for the sides to keep your child from rolling out. This is especially important if the bed is elevated. Another safety consideration is to keep the bed away from a window. Accidents often happen in the home, so it’s important to take every precaution to protect curious children. They love to climb and explore and it’s key that the location of the bed is a safe one.

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