How To Avoid Lower Back Pain While Cycling

Many medical conditions can be treated by simple exercise and regulating diets that may not be providing adequate nutrition to the body. Cycling is one of the sports that many people flock to when starting diets or adding exercise to improve other conditions or just becoming more active. This is most likely because cycling is something that can be done indoors on a stationary machine or outside when the weather is just right. But, what happens when cycling begins to be a pain rather than a joy? How can some of those pains be alleviated or even prevented? If those are the questions plaguing your mind or preventing you from cycling then you have come to the right place. The good news is that there are ways of making it better the bad news, however, is that those ways may not necessarily be practical or even possible. Some people may be surprised to discover that the pains they are feeling may come from some not so obvious problems. One of the main problems is not having the right bike for your body; most people just jump on a bike and go but the truth is not every bike is for every body type changing this may help stop the pain before it starts. Another issue is the way you ride your bike this may contribute to whether you have pain or not.

How to Avoid Lower Back Pain While Cycling

You’re probably thinking riding a bike is riding a bike but, that information is not accurate. How you position yourself over the bike and how far your legs extend all contribute to having pain. Another key to a comfortable bike ride would be to make sure your core muscles such as your arms and legs are strengthened and toned before bike riding. You can achieve this with simple stretching exercises and for the more active individuals taking classes such as Pilates can help you. If you are already passed the point where you can take preventative measures there are still some things that can be done to decrease the pain you may be experiencing.  The first step would be to see a professional about adjusting your bicycle. Through the adjustment the professional can tell you which way it is best for you to ride your bicycle and which positions are ideal for you.

Cycling Back Pain

While riding a bike remember the ideals of good posture keep your chest up, distribute your weight to your arms; occasionally shift positions and lower and lift your head to loosen the neck muscles. By doing this you are keeping your muscles warm and active even though you are on the bicycle. Many of the problems bike riders face is that muscles tensing up after staying in the same position for prolonged amounts of time, keeping body parts in motion can help lessen this problem. Many cyclists tend to not cycle with both legs preferring one over the other this can lead to problems with one side of the back since both sides are not being properly exercised. A good solution for this would be to evenly distribute the work over both legs rather than just one. A more costly solution but one that can help is purchasing a bike with accessories designed to absorb shock. If that solution is too expensive or not one even an option at all adding back strengthening exercises and yoga can not only help prevent pain but can also add to a complete workout.

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