How To Set Up Your Garage Gym CrossFit Style

Previously, I’ve posted about my garage gym….  I love my garage gym even with it’s limitations.

What do you need, really?!

1.  Most importantly, you’d need a weighted bar (either a 22 or 45 pound bar) and some plates.  (1 set of 10, 15, and 25’s) would get most people started!

2.  A pull-up bar.   With the pull-up you can do MANY of the crossfit main site WOD’s.  This would include: Deadhang pullups, Kipping Pullups, Toes to Bar, Knees to Elbows, Chest to bar pull-ups, L-hang {hanging from bar with legs in an L-shape}, and the list is quite endless…..

3.  A thick gymnastics style mat you can fall on/drop plates on/ roll on….when learning new things, it’s likely you’ll fall, so protect your garage floor with a mat!

Then, as you get more familiar with the crossfit style workouts and their requirements, you can scavenge garage sales, friends’ garages, going out of business sales and used equipment companies to find what else you need! Also, you can make your own medicine balls using old basketballs and filling them with sand.  ….my next project! Gotta figure out the glue the hole shut problem, ha ha ha! Anybody have anything else to add to the list?

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