Icebreaker’s GT200 Featured Product

Introducing Icebreaker. A New Zealand brand that offers sustainable clothing for men and women in merino wool. All the products have a baacode- a way in which a person can trace their clothing straight back to the sheep station. The story of Mr. Moon, owner of Icebreaker fascinates me! You can read more about his company in Time Magazine or in Financial Times.

Image Credit: Time Magazine
What did I like about it?
*You can trace your shirt back to the sheep and the farmer.
*The shirt is soft as silk and does not hold any odors.
*It’s a sustainable product meaning it came from natural sources- unlike Patagonia whose products are made from recycled soda bottles.
*All the styles are very flattering and stylish in the long term classic kind of way.
*Although one shirt or dress will be run you $60 and up, these are long lasting, high quality pieces that you will cherish.

Below are some other styles that I loved!

I bet if you had the opportunity to touch it and feel it against your skin, you’d love it too.

Icebreaker by Fit Mommy on

Icebreaker – Woman – Superfine200 – Zen

Icebreaker – Woman – Superfine150 – Amazon

Icebreaker – Woman – Superfine200 – Villa

Icebreaker – Man – Superfine150 – Club

Icebreaker – Woman – Nature Intimate Ultralite –

Icebreaker – Woman – Superfine200 Prints – Rio Hood,

Icebreaker – Woman – – Chase

P.S. I received the Icebreaker GT200 for purposes of review and I am very thankful to have it. All opinions here are my own!!
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