Interview with Sandy Wible, Director of Lopers Club

How many marathons have you done?

I have done 11 marathons. My last one was the Honolulu Marathon last month. I actually did five marathons last year. Arizona Rock N’ Roll, Los Angeles, San Diego Rock N’ Roll, Marine Corp, and Honolulu.

What training program do you follow (online or books such as Run Less, Run Faster)?
I don’t train using any book or on-line tool. I use what I learned from the Lopers. When I began building us up from low mileage, then hit middle mileage, and then high mileage. I pretty much stick to running middle mileage (12-15 miles per week). When I am getting ready for a marathon, I put in a few higher mileage runs (18-22 miles per week). My training mileage varies by week depending on what the long run I do that week. My mileage probably averages between 25-30 miles per week. I only do 2 short runs during the week. I find if I run too much, I get tired and injuries start happening. I also workout at the gym four times a week with weights.

What was your favorite marathon and why?
My favorite marathon was the Paris Marathon. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I never knew there were woods outside of Paris. We ran for many miles on streets that ran through woods. My second favorite is Chicago. There was so much excitement and crowd support. There were people everywhere cheering for us. Both of them are very large marathons with a lot of fast runners. Both of those marathons had perfect conditions for running on the days I did them. No rain or wind and there was cloud coverage most of the time.
What are your goals for the future?
My future goals are to continue running (injury free), staying fit and enjoying myself. I like doing marathons in places I can travel. I’m planning on doing Alaska in June (after L.A. in March).
What is the best part about running marathons?
The best part for me is the training. I love training with other people. It is so neat to get up and run at 5:00 in the morning with other people. It is dark and quiet. I also enjoy when I cross the finish line (of course). Crossing the finish line of a marathon shows that dedication and hard work pays off. The medal represents so much training and sacrifice.
Tell me about the Lopers Club.
I am the Clinic Director for the Lopers. It is not a paid position as the the Lopers Club is a volunteer organization. There are hundreds of members of this club. Members of the Lopers have access to pace groups with a team leader for each group, access to the Drayson Center, and tons of peer support in their quest to complete the LA Marathon. There is an accountant that is paid and a person that comes in and stretches us after our miles. They are the only ones that get paid. They are really not part of the organization. We get them from outside sources. Everyone else volunteers hours and hours of time to make the club a success. There are probably about 25 volunteers that put in many hours every Sunday helping others train for the Los Angeles Marathon or to meet whatever goals they might have.

If you have further questions about the Lopers Club, you can contact Sandy Wible at and the website is

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