Introducing Andrea Vincent Founder of See Mommy Run

Andrea Vincent is one motivated mom! She is an author, mother, marathon runner, artist, teacher, and the pioneer of See Mommy Run. This is a nationwide FREE running group for moms to connect with other moms in their neighborhoods to run or walk together. The website offers tips, articles, a training log for each runner, opportunities to network with other moms in their home town as well as nationwide. Thanks to Metropolitan Mama, I joined See Mommy Run last November and am running for one of the 2008 Race Teams (we are the Redlands Runners). My teammates and I are pretty excited because we got cool “SWAG” from the sponsors- so far we’ve gotten a really nice race jersey and LOTS of chips (healthy) from Corazonas.
I’ve had the opportunity to correspond with Andrea about her program and this is what I learned.
What inspired you to start See Mommy Run?
My passion is to help people get and stay fit without breaking the bank. Gyms and other workout programs are expensive. So my goal is to keep it free and help people connect. My ultimate goal is to create incredible role models to fight childhood obesity and keep kids out of trouble. I also have a passion for working with the elderly, which is where I saw a lot of people who never stayed fit have major physical problems. Seeing people in nursing homes who were mentally sharp and could have prevented giving up their independence way to early motivated me to do something about it much earlier in people’s lives!
I would love to someday get seeMOMMYrun connected with a major company in order to help women in more rural areas or without internet access. Having financial support would do wonders.
You are now a certified running coach, right? What is the training involved in getting certified?
Yes, I am an EZ8 Women’s Running Coach.
Certification involves studying a workbook, a DVD with techniques and drills, audio Q&A – then taking a certification test. This certification is unique because it also includes some business planning information. Certification is called “seeMOMMYrun EZ8 Running & Business Certification.” Women can get certified to become coaches, then start their own running camps locally. They will be able to list their camps on seeMOMMYrun.
She just ran her second marathon in 3:35!! All with the help of Coach Al Lyman (contest here)!
Her other accomplishments include:

Bite-Size Pieces of My Past: Writing your life story in digestible chunks
A children’s book called “Walk this Way”.
Click on over to See Mommy Run and check it out. You can find a group in your town or start your own. Post a comment on the message boards to help you find other moms in your town who are interested in running or walking. It’s that easy and it’s ALL FREE! Andrea can even help write a training program for you since she is now a certified running coach.

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