Introducing Gracie’s Gear and The Power Pouch

I love to meet, see, or find new products that are exactly what I need in my athletic life and I’m assuming YOURS too! Last weekend, I was worried about being hungry on my long run, so I carried an extra gel in my jog bra. Right next to my skin. Of course, I didn’t need it and ended up carrying it home in my hand. This was after it had chaffed my skin so bad that it left train tracks on my chest. Lovely. In comes, Gracie’s Gear! I’m so excited about these bras, that I was just jumping for joy.

Perfectly held my boobs in place but had a large pocket in the front to hold a gel, an IPOD or even a blackberry, if necessary. There is a long bra top and a short bra top both have pockets in them called the Power Pouch. The Power Pouch has three compartments within the one pocket that sits outside the actual bra for all of your workout necessities. The long bra top is also awesome because of the length. It’s long enough to cover any assets you might have or NOT and still cover the waistbands of your shorts, running skirt or running knickers. These are awesome, readers. Why didn’t I think of this? Also, for a jog bra, they are only $38 which I think is reasonable when you consider the cost of a name brand bra will run you $50!

Gracie herself is an incredibly driven, motivated successful business owner and running coach. I’m thrilled that she had the time to answer my questions. I had a passion to reach as many women as possible through my knowledge in exercise and my functional gear. I believe that when you find your passion you can empower others and be successful. Yes when I first launched Gracie’s gear, my father was diagnosed with cancer, we lost my uncle and his son of cancer, and I found out I was pregnant. Working at Duke as their Fitness Manager to over 30,000 employees, I traveled the country on my vacation time (preggos) and sold my gear after Daylin was born I decided that it was time to focus on the company and stay home with Daylin, At 17 months she has traveled to 20 states…Can you believe?? Hilarious! She is amazing.

The question is, where do I find the time to run?? Well, I have competed in 2 marathons since Day with training only 2-3 days a week. The other days I will strength train with my body weight and walk. I truly believe when it comes to running, it is quality and not quantity. With a proper 3 day a week training program, busy moms can be successful in running. I will start training for Boston in December so right now I focus my efforts on others…new runners to those trying to qualify for Boston. I bring Daylin to most of my training runs or coaching sessions. That is always my agreement with my clients…my daughter may join us She is a great distraction. The secret to that is running or walking with your child at an early age and they will learn that this is part of the day.

I don’t participate in other sports right now because of my schedule we travel 2 weeks out of every month my husband comes when he can and my mom travels most of the time with us. My advice on race day….if you have done all the work to prepare, the race should be successful as long as you put forth 100%! Unfortunately 100% may be harder on some days than others. Every race is a learning experience and always write down how you felt, etc…so you can look back and see what might have caused the bad race or the good race. This will help prepare for next time!


One wonderful reader will win a jog bra of their choice from Gracie’s Gear and Training! Simply post a comment about what YOU USE TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF to exercise or WHAT YOU SAY TO YOURSELF when you’re running (or working out) and you will be entered to win. A winner will be chosen at Random on August 29th at 9PST.

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