Is the new Starbuck’s Vivanno drink really healthy

Yes, I enjoy Starbuck’s!  I USED to drink Iced Caffe Mocha’s almost every day (hanging my head in shame). To the tune of 320 calories a day! YIKES.  All sugar, too.  So, lately, I’ve been drinking iced coffees or tea.  Way less calories but still not really all that healthy.  Today, I sampled the new drink called the Chocolate Banana Vivanno blend which is bittersweet cocoa, 2% milk, whey protein and fiber powders.
But, is it really healthy for you?
I am not sure.  Curious if Starbucks can blend them with soy milk instead of 2% milk?  270 calories is still a lot of calories.  Personally, I’d like a shot of espresso in the afternoon, too.  So the Orange Banana Mango has 16 grams of protein and the Chocolate Banana has 21 grams of protein and 250 versus 270 calories.  Also, not sure of the kind of whey protein they are using? Is it a healthier alternative to an Iced Mocha?  Probably.  But, would my seriously FIT blogger buddies approve of it?
Complete ingredient listing can be found here.
What do you all think?

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