Jeans For An Athletic Body Type

Well, it’s true, since starting CrossFit in November of 2009, I have been at least 3 if not 4 dress/jean sizes.  When I first started CrossFit, I was an easy size six (referenced here) and I thought I was just fine.   I had been running and doing yoga and little bit of kettlbell work prior to Nov. of 09, and I thought I was fairly fit.  Then came three months of 5x a week, and I shrank like 2 dress sizes overnight!

Last Christmas, I was a size 2 Lucky Jeans and thought I was all that! I had squeezed into them and thought I was looking good.  Little did I know that size on me was not going to be long lived! Yes, it’s true, I have gotten bigger.  Where?! My quads and chest size {not the cleavage department, unfortunately} have both gone up. Getting dressed in clothes other than yoga apparel had become increasingly difficult and problematic.  The complaints started a few months back when I’d be getting ready for church (the only time I need actual clothes) and I’d end up with piles of clothes on the floor!

Following a discussion with my very favorite, fashionable hair dresser, I finally decided to go shopping.  Ugg.  I hate shopping.  It is so stressful, frustrating, and time consuming.   My genetic make-up is to NOT spend hours in shopping malls.  I make surgical strikes- Find One Pair of Jeans that Fit.  On the advice of a friend, I decided to hit up all the high dollar jean brands in an effort to find one pair that fit.  Today was the day, and I started with True Religion.  Upon walking in, I did get a “hello” but no eye contact and the employees kept on doing what they were doing. 

I looked around, looked at the prices, felt the jeans, and attempted to find a pair….but, you know, I walked out of the store!  Second store, 7 For All Mankind, again, a high dollar priced jean and again a greeting, but, no questions of “how can I help you” or even eye contact with me.  I walked around, felt the jeans and again walked out.  All the labels I saw said, “narrow, skinny, skinny leg, skinny or narrow fit….” You’ve got to be kidding me!   

What athletic girl do you know is going to fit into skinny jeans?! I tried on jeans in FOUR stores!!!! 

What was the biggest problem with the jeans I tried on?  They didn’t even go over my quads!  And, several couldn’t get past my calves, either.  So, the problem was two fold- one nobody was willing to help me at all nor could I find any jeans on my own that would even count as jeans- more like some kind of joke!  These are for women, really?!

Finally, by the fifth store, I assumed that there were no jeans that were going to fit me and that I was going to go home empty handed.  For my last ditch effort, I walked into Lucky Brand Jeans, and the first thing I got was “how can I help you” question???  Whoo Hooo… I looked at him and said, “Well, I’m looking for jeans that will fit these very large quads and small waist, you got anything like that?”  He said, yes, and started bringing me pairs to try on!  I must have tried on ten pairs of jeans and on the 11th pair, in a size 26, I found a PAIR!! {Relaxed fit, easy rider with some nice styling on the pockets.  Not high dollar, either}  I literally danced around in a circle! Moral of the story? Lucky Brand jeans offered jeans to fit this athletic body with great customer service to boot.  Here’s my little kick in the butt, to 7 For all Mankind and True Religion!  You guys aren’t all that.

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