Baby Bliss – The 5 Essential Ingredients For Keeping Your Baby Calm During Lockdown

When the COVID-19 lockdown started, no one anticipated that the worlds of the working mum and the stay-at-home-mum would collide.

Taking care of an infant is already a full-time job. Add to that the pressure of working from home and the lack of physical support from family and friends, and you’ll understand why so many new moms are at their wits end.

How to Calm a Baby During Lockdown

To help you get through, here are five essential ingredients that will add up to a calmer child and a less stressful lockdown for you.

  • Routine

Both parents and babies need a routine to keep everyone sane. One way to start developing this would be encouraging your baby to sleep at a similar time every night.

The same goes for bath time, play time, and nap time. Of course, things may not go as planned every day. Your baby might develop a rash and you lose half the morning researching the best nappy rash cream in Australia. You might find that there’s an extended nap time one day, and no naps the next.

That’s why you should make room in your schedule for unexpected disruptions that may crop-up, so you don’t end up feeling disappointed when things don’t go according to plan.

  • Alternate Parenting

During lockdown, mums can feel isolated if they have to care for their babies and toddlers alone. If you’re a single parent, this time may be even harder to get through with your sense of balance intact.

If it’s at all possible, enlist the help of your partner or a trusted family member, take breaks at different intervals during the work day, and share your time with your baby. This way, the responsibilities don’t rest solely on the shoulders of one parent.

Because each parent has their own unique games and songs that they use to engage with the baby, this’ll be an exciting time for your little one.  

  • Soothing Music

Since babies are developing their sense of hearing, they love to trace the root of sounds. Use musical books to keep them entertained and get them to learn animals and other sounds. Give your baby age-appropriate musical instruments to play with.

Babies love to press things, so they’ll enjoy the feel of musical instrument buttons. Alternatively, you can play music on your phone and dance with the baby.

Pretty soon, you’ll notice your child’s hands and legs moving and grooving to the beat (hopefully enough to inspire a well-deserved nap).

  • Toys and Television

Create a vibrant play area for your child where it’s relatively safe to leave the baby while you work closeby.

Babies are always attracted to new stuff. Change the toys so your little one will be more willing to explore the play area. A great suggestion would be to leave the television or some music playing in the background. The ambient noise will be entertaining for both of you.

  • Feeding and Leisure

Babies love food and the diverse textures that it comes in. Allocate time during the morning and evening for a lengthy breakfast and supper, and engage with your little one while they eat.

Make sure to give them a break every now and again by taking them for some fresh air out of the confines of your house.

We’re all new to parenting during lockdown, so there will be good days and bad days. Luckily, most babies are quite easy to please. Make sure your little one is clean, well-fed, and entertained. Remember that if you remain calm, baby will be more inclined to stay calm too!

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