kigo Shoe Review (& time sensitive Coupon Code)

These star kigos were designed with a woman in mind.  A woman whom might wear heels to work and then want to be more comfortable when inside the office or when taking a walk.  With the Mary Jane style, they look great with yoga pants, capris, skirts  or just about anything!
Check out how cute they look with jeans?!

Whoops, forgot to mention, mine are called the kigo Star. Because of the little hook on the toe, they reminded me of Elf’s Will Ferrell!  But, once I got over that, I was truly amazed at how comfortable they were!
I took my shoes on a “test drive” to work.  All was wonderful (my staff commented on my shoes, they were super comfortable, and cute) until I went to teach an elementary soccer lesson.  OOoooopss!  No kicking soccer balls in these minimalist shoe-=PAIN!!  Next week, I’m going to test these out at my Cross Fit gym.   Wondering how my feet would feel on a box jump in these?!  Can’t wait to try them there.

If you were interested in trying a minimalist shoe, these are very affordable at $49.99.  They are essentially a great entry level shoe into the world of almost barefoot technology that could seriously function all day every day.  And, it’d be the perfect gift for the woman on the go!

COUPON CODE: giftguide20 (expires December 13th)
Please feel free to add anything about your minimalist shoe experience as this was completely new to me!P.S. Thank you Kigo Shoes for sending me these!

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