Exercises To Perform After A Knee Replacement Surgery

In case you’re someone who had a recent knee replacement surgery, then it’s highly possible that you’re experiencing quite some pain, especially at the front of your thigh. Unless you’re not aware, the quadriceps tendon is located just above the knee cap and the same is cut and stitched back together during the surgery.

Most physical therapy exercises will help in engaging your quad muscles. Combined with plenty of rest and ideal management of your knee, the resultant will be better knee recovery, healing and pain reduction. Therefore, to help you recover faster, we at professional services for home care after surgery in Mansfield, are suggesting some fantastic exercises that you can perform on a daily basis without any hassles. 

Knee Replacement Exercises

  • Knee Bends That Are Unsupported 

When you’re sitting on a chair or at the bedside, your thigh will be supported. Proceed to try to bend your knee until your foot rests on the floor. With the foot lightly resting on the floor, try to slide your body in the forward direction to increase the knee bend. Continue to stay in the position for at least five to ten seconds. Once done, you can fully straighten your knee. Repeat this exercise a couple of times and you’ll be good to go.

  • Knee Bends That Are Supported 

Almost similar to the above-mentioned exercise, this process involves placing one of your feet behind the heel of the other foot. Once done, you need to slowly bend your knee for at least five to ten seconds. Try to repeat the exercise as much as you can. 

  • Knee Bends That Are Bed-Supported 

In this exercise, you need to slide your foot towards your back and thereby bend your knee. Continue to keep the heel on the bed. Keep your knee in this bent position for at least five to ten seconds and then process to straighten your leg. Try to repeat this exercise several times. 

  • Straightening Exercises For The Knee

Take a towel and roll it. Place the rolled towel on your bed and then place your feet onto the towel. The heels shouldn’t touch the bed. Try to tighten your thigh and knee, so that the back of the knee can tough the bed’s surface. Hold in this position for at least five to ten seconds and then repeat the exercise as much as you like.

  • Pumps For The Ankle

Try to move your foot in an upward and downward motion, which will contract the shin & calf muscles. Try to perform your exercise for at least two to three minutes and you’ll be okay. Continue to perform this exercise, till your knee fully recovers. 

And that brings us to the end of our guide. We hope you loved our guidance and in case you need any additional assistance, simply reach out to us. 

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