What To Look For In A Childcare Centre?

Childcare Centre

The idea of leaving the most important person in your life with a stranger can stir up a range of emotions inside you. As a parent, you may have made your peace with the fact that your child is going to need a childcare center, but choosing the right one is still a big decision. Finding someplace where your child will be loved, feel safe, learn and be happy, however, need not be that difficult –  

  • Do your Homework! Check out all the local centers in the area and contact them to obtain details regarding their annual fees and other costs you may need to cover (may include special events, catering, and other things). However, do not base your decision on the price alone. See whether it’s more convenient to look for a center near your home or your workplace and choose accordingly. 
  • Another important thing to check is whether the people who’re going to be looking after your child are qualified for the job (looking after children is no easy job!). A blend of senior, experienced professionals, and energetic and motivated newcomers is what you should look out for. Assess the training and education of staff and check whether they are qualified for the job. Ask what the quality rating of the center is. 
  • Does the philosophy of education of the center align with your beliefs as a parent? Do they reflect your family values? Is the curriculum stimulating and engaging enough for the children to help them learn in a fun, relaxed way that encourages interaction and development through a child-centered approach to help ease the transition to school? Ask yourself these questions before making a decision. 
  • The size of childcare centers can vary, but the center must be equipped to handle that many children, be it 10 or 100+. Look if there are the required number of staff to take care of the children (adequate staff ratio). 
  • Ask if they offer extended hours of care or whether the place is available for the days and hours you need. As busy parents, it is important to see whether the timings are flexible enough and whether the center can provide care on short notice or in case of an emergency. 
  • What is the quality of the food and drink that the child will be provided? A healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet is essential for the growth of children, physically and mentally. If your kid is a fussy eater, see if the center has flexible options. If Your child has any special dietary restrictions/requirements, let the center know and ask whether they’ll be able to take care of your child’s needs. 

Most importantly, do you think your child will be happy in the place you choose?

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